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Fumigation Services

It is the prime obligation of all the pest control sector to reduce the entry of pests from abroad. Golden Leaf Pest Control got the objective to protect the people, animals and the environment from the introduction of foreign pest into the country. Our hands on services and expertise include targeted pest control fogging.

Our fumigation services in go downs and containers are highly specialized. We firmly adhere ourselves to international convention of completely phasing out the use of Methyl Bromide as fumigant.

Due to our international standings, our pest control expert advice to companies and smaller scale businesses. Our services benefit is to feel confident that your goods will be handled with care, the timely and right decisions are made and pest control compliance is achieved as per international regulations.

We are home in the fumigation services as under:

  • Go downs fumigation
  • Containers fumigation & certification
  • Leather goods fumigation
  • Food grains fumigation
  • Store fumigation
  • Tobacco fumigation
  • Wooden boxes fumigation